MyPower S3300 Series

MyPower S3300

MyPower S3300 series Gigabit convergence routing switch is a new multi-service and high-performance desktop L2/L3 Ethernet switch developed by Maipu. It is applied in enterprise network aggregation, district access of IP MAN and high-quality access and provides stable, reliable and secure high-performance L2/L3 switching services for NGN.

It includes MyPower S3300-28T , MyPower S3300-52T, MyPower S3300-28TP , MyPower S3300-52TP models.


  • MyPower S3300-28T provides 24 100/1000M electric interfaces, four 1G Combo SFP interfaces, two 10G extended slots;
  • MyPower S3300-52T provides 48 100/1000M electric interfaces, four 1G Combo SFP interfaces, two 10G extended slots;
  • MyPower S3300-28TP provides 24 100/1000M electric interfaces, four 1G Combo SFP interfaces, two 10G extended slots, POE Supports;
  • MyPower S3300-52TP provides 48 100/1000M electric interfaces, four 1G Combo SFP interfaces, two 10G extended slots, POE Supports;


MyPower S3300 Series Gigabit aggregation routing switch can forward Ethernet data frames with full wire speed at the second layer, which is similar to common Ethernet switches. It can realize L3 wire speed forwarding of IP packets, and has perfect security control, QoS and multicast capability. It can perform the L4-L7 ACL filtering on packets according to user definitions and combine with 802.1x authentication protocol to meet the security requirements of users.

With powerful QoS and multicast functions, it can meet the requirements of the enterprise network video and audio data with high priorities and other specified data for routing switches. It can adapt well to the typical applications that current enterprise networks need to use VLAN to separate broadcast domains and each VLAN needs to forward data with high speed. It can aggregate the data and transmit it to the core network. It can provide low-cost, high-performance, strong-expansibility and simple-management solutions for enterprise network centers, IP MAN, and district network aggregation.


MyPower S3300 Series Switch Configuration Manual-V1.0 MyPower S3300 Series Switch Configuration (4.2 MB)MyPower S3300 Series Switch Datasheet-V2.0 MyPower S3300 Series Switch Datasheet-V2.0.pdf (811.4 kB)MyPower S3300 Series Switch Installation Manual-V1.0 MyPower S3300 Series Switch Installation (379.5 kB)

Key Features

  • Supports L2/L3 line rate switching
  • Powerful ACL access control capability. It can perform filtering control on L2-L7 data flow
  • Supports Static,RIP
  • Completely supports IPv4/IPv6 L2 and L3 protocols
  • Completely support L2 protocols
  • Has various security and authentication mechanisms
  • Supports VRRP/VBRP routing redundancy protocols
  • Supports 4094 802.1Q VLANs,QinQ
  • Supports 802.1X security authentication
  • Advanced QoS as SP, WRR, SP+WRR, DWRR, SDWRR

Product Features

Supports L2/L3 protocols

S3300 series switch provides 802.1d/w/s spanning tree protocol; 802.1q, 802.1p, 802.3ad, 802.3x, GVRP, DHCP, and SNTP protocols; IGMP multicast protocols; Static, RIPv1/2 routing protocols. It is suitable for complicated network environments, and supports IPv6 protocols and functions and IPv6 hardware forwarding.


Flexible VLAN separation function

It supports 4K 802.1Q VLANs, QinQ, and GVRP dynamic VLAN protocols to make that different services and users cannot access each other, ensure the confidentiality of service data, improve the security of the whole network system, and save the network bandwidth.


Perfect security policy

It provides various security policies such as user authority/identity authentication, port security, port rate limitation, port monitoring, address filtering, loopback check, and 802.1X authentication; provides various protect mechanisms for user access and network security. It has perfect security function design and supports user-based SNMP V1/V2/V3, MAC+IP+VLAN binding and 802.1X authentication security policies, and anti network storm attack, anti DOS/DDOS attack, anti ARP attack, and anti network protocol packet attack security technologies. In this way, the attacks and virus can be prevented and it is more suitable for large-scale, multi-service and complicated-traffic networks.


Powerful access control capability

It supports L2-L7 ACL access control. It can classify data flow according to source destination MAC address, source destination IP address, UDP/TCP port number, and IP protocol type, set access control rules according to data classification, that is, set permit or deny, and then apply the rules to VLANs or physical ports.


Rich QoS mechanisms

It provides up to 8 QoS queues, and supports QoS modes such as DSCP/TOS/802.1P, and priority queue scheduling arithmetic such as SP, WRR, SP+WRR, DWRR, SDWRR and other mixed scheduling. It can realize QoS functions such as port rate limitation and traffic shaping and meet the requirements of customer network for data processing priorities.


Comprehensive network management

It provides SHELL, TELNET, WEB, SNMP, cluster management, third-party software to realize across-platform and large-scale network management and friendly man-machine interface, and provide powerful support for users to manage devices and control network status.


10G extending

MyPower S3300 supports 2 extending Slots to provide upto 4-ports 10G interfaces for users.

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